شركة “TIKTOK” تعلن عن فرص شغل لفائد الشباب


شركة “TIKTOK” تُعْلِنُ عَنْ فرص شغل لفائد الشباب

TikTok recrute Plusieurs Profils

Team leader

-Manage and coordinate day-to-day activities within the service.
-Ensure good practice within services.
-Management of teams and individuals
-To establish and maintain effective communication
-Additional Duties Participate in the On-Call system.
-Work flexibly to meet the needs of the service, carrying out shifts if necessary.
-Deputise for the Head of Site, as required.
-Undertake additional activities such as attendance at conferences and involvement in project groups to further individual and organizational development.
-Must be BA Holder or higher education degree
-5 years of industry experience (Call center, Content safety, CSR, any relevant activities)
-2 years of experience in a managerial/leading role.
-Previous experience as a Content moderator or any similar role is a plus.
-Strong project management skills with the ability to supervise multiple projects
-Strong interpersonal skills
-Ability to work on own initiative while in a Team environment
-Excellent organizational & time management abilities
-Excellent verbal and written communication skills
-Strong negotiation skills.
-Analytical approach to problem-solving
-Ability to Handle complexities
-Strong Engagement and motivation to improve.

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TikTok Live Agency Operations Manager

1. Build and maintain long-term relationship with MCN and agencies, be responsible for the training and management of the agencies; On-board MCN, agencies and organization to provide Talents for live-streaming section.
2. Allocate the corresponding operation support and motivate the agencies to provide more and better live streamers and build a variety of content categories;
3. Participate in drafting and revising the policies of agency management, provide reasonable reference and suggestions.
1. Bachelor’s degree or above. Minimum 2 years of working experience related to Live-streaming, video-sharing, social media or gaming platform streaming platforms;
2. Relevant working experience or network with influencers, celebrities or live streaming platforms;
3. Professional, patient communication skills with agencies;
4. Result-oriented, good capacity for pressure;
5. Proficient in both verbal and written English.

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Site Wellbeing Program Manager

-Staff well-being program initiatives, participation rates, and report site health
-Set and monitor productivity targets with vendor clinicians and workload assignments, and ensure appropriate coverage for site support
-Build deep knowledge expertise at the site level to recommend effective wellbeing programming interventions, customized to cultural and business needs
-Provide psychoeducational training surrounding mental health to the site
-Organize in collaboration with the local wellness ambassadors/ HRs to promote well-being via evidenced-based initiatives
-Ensure compliance to local legal and regulatory standards related to employee psychological health and safety
-Post-graduate degree or equivalent professional qualifications in health psychology, behavioral science or another relevant health behavior-related field
-Full unrestricted license to practice
-2+ years experience in supporting evidence-based health and wellbeing programs and initiatives in a corporate context
-Experience providing consultancy on complex topics to a range of stakeholders
-Strong working knowledge of Operations metrics and structure
-Willingness to travel (approximately 10% post-COVID)

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Livestreaming Operations Manager

1. Responsible for regional livestreaming operations and initiatives include:
-Establishing guidelines, strategies and educational programs for partnership agencies, influencers, users, events and organizations
-Maintain a healthy ecosystem by acquiring and building relationships with content providers / creators / influencers, as well as brands, companies and other partnership organizations
2. Develop a strong cross functional partnership with TikTok team to promote and grow both initiatives
3. Plan and launch livestreaming campaigns by exploring current internet trends, local and global events.
4. Familiar with the psychology of livestreamers and users, understand the characteristics of local users, make constructive and exploratory suggestions, and optimize user experience.
5. Responsible for engaging, managing, and developing platform agencies and livestreamers
6. Brainstorm strategies to promote further progression of the livestreaming platform by analyzing content quality and safety, consistency, monetization efforts among others.
7. Participate in drafting and revising related policies and partnership agreements with agencies/talents/influencers.
1. Education: Bachelor’s Degree or above
2. Experience: A minimum of 3-years’ experience in Partnership, Content or Marketing roles within the internet, social network, gaming, mobile entertainment, technology, and media and entertainment industries (Preferred Industries)
3. Background: Candidates who have worked with, or have connections with, creators, agencies, media companies, OTT, celebrities and livestreaming applications are preferred.
4. Proven ability to adapt well to a startup environment.
5. Excellent business acumen in emerging technology. Strong analytical skills with data-driven decision making capabilities.
6. Excellent written, verbal, and professional communication skills
7. Self-starter and able to manage multiple sensitive and high profile initiatives simultaneously

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TikTok Live Content and Event Operations Manager

1. Plan and launch Live streaming campaigns by following up popular topics, events, social hot issues etc.;
2. Explore new campaign strategies and models, and continuously improve the campaign strategies through data monitoring and analysis;
3. Monitor the revenue growth strategies in the market and provide reports and suggestions.
1. Minimum 1 year experience in Live streaming industry, especially in Live streaming or short-video product, familiar with Live streaming platforms;
2. Result-oriented, good logical thinking, strong in data analysis;
3. Strong execution and good capacity for pressure, and a good sense of communication and co-working

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عَنْ الموقع

ان www.men-gov.ma مِنَصَّة مُسْتَقِلَّة شاملة وحديثة تواكب كل مواضيع التدريس والتوجيه وَالتَعْلِيم وَكَذَا اعلانات الوظائف بالمغرب,وَتَضَمَّنَ كذلك مجموعة من الخدمات والوسائل التعليمية التربوية الَّتِي تبسط وتشرح الأشياء الَّتِي يحتاجها التلميذ والطالب و الأستاذ والمدير والباحث عَنْ فرص الشغل سَوَاء كت تابعة لمؤسسات الدولة اوغير تابعة لَهَا ، وَتَجْدُرُ الاشارة إِلَى ان هَذِهِ المنصة لَا تمت باي صلة لِوِزَارَةِ التربية الوَطَنِية والتَّكْوين المهني وَالبَحْث العلمي واي مؤسسة وطنية اخرى.
يستفيد سنويا من منصتنا أكثر من 25 مليون زائر وزائرة من جميع الفئات العمرية .
تمَّ الحرص فِي men-gov.ma عَلَى 4 توابت اساسية :
ـ جودة المضامين المنشورة وصحتها فِي الموقع
ـ سلاسة تصفح الموقع والتنظيم الجيد مِنْ أَجْلِ الحصول عَلَى المعلومة دون عناء البحث
ـ التحديث المستمر للمضامين المنشورة ومواكبة جديد التطورات الَّتِي تطرأ عَلَى المنظومة التربوية
ـ اضافة ميزات وخدمات تعليمية متجددة
لمدة 3 سنوات قدمنا اكثر من 50000 مقالة وازيد من 200 ألف مِلَفّ مِنْ أَجْلِ تطوير دائم لمنصتنا يتناسب وتطلعاتكم, والقادم أجمل إن شاء الله.
⇐ المنصة من برمجة وتطوير men-gov.ma وصيانة DesertiGO
⇐ يمكنك متابعتنا عَلَى وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي ليصلك جديدنا: اضغط هُنَا

À propos du site

men-gov.ma est une plate-forme indépendante complète et moderne qui suit le rythme de tous les sujets d’enseignement, d’orientation et d’éducation, ainsi que des offres d’emploi au Maroc, et comprend également un ensemble de services et de méthodes éducatives qui simplifient et expliquent les choses qui répondent aux besoins de l’étudiant, du professeur, du directeur et du chercheur d’emploi, privé ou public, Il est à noter que cette plateforme n’est pas reliée au ministère de l’Éducation nationale, et de la Formation professionnelle et de la Recherche scientifique, et à tout autre institution.
Chaque année, notre plateforme profite à plus de 25 millions de visiteurs de tous âges.
Sur men-gov.ma, nous avons pris en charge 4 principes:
Qualité et exactitude du contenu publié sur le site
Navigation fluide du site et bonne organisation afin d’obtenir des informations sans prendre la peine de chercher
Mise à jour continue du contenu publié et se tenir au courant des nouveaux développements du système éducatif
Ajout de fonctionnalités et de services éducatifs renouvelables
Depuis 3 ans, nous avons fourni plus de 50 000 articles et plus de 00 000 fichiers pour un développement permanent de notre plateforme qui correspond à vos aspirations, et le suivant est plus beau, si Dieu le veut.
⇐ Plateforme développée par DesertiGO et maintenue par men-gov.ma
⇐ Vous pouvez nous suivre sur les réseaux sociaux pour recevoir nos actualités: cliquez ici WA-brlmn

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